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I throw my legs over his shoulders, watching as he grinds his cock into the bed as his big hands span my hips and drag me closer so every inch of my pussy is covering his face as he feasts.

His fingers drag along me, following the path of his tongue, and then they thrust inside me. His two, thick digits spear me, making me cry out as I arch my chest for them. Suddenly, they are gone, and I blink my eyes open. He lifts the glistening digits to Osis, who bends over and sucks them clean. “Fuck, you’re right.” He groans as Reve slides them back inside me, stretching my pussy.

“Shit, I want to taste,” Azul mutters, and Osis grabs his head and pulls him closer. I can’t help but moan as Osis kisses him above me, and when Azul pulls back, he’s panting, his lips glistening with my cream and Osis’s saliva.

“I love how you taste,” he tells me as he lowers his head and licks my nipple again. “One day, we are going to get you pregnant, baby, and when you are breast feeding, I’m going to live these fucking tits and drink from them while I fuck you.”


I almost come apart, heat racing through me, as Reve licks and sucks my clit and Osis tongues my nipple. Every inch of my body is being claimed and used to bring me pleasure.

His tongue drags over my ass, licking my forbidden hole. “I’m going to cover it in my blood to get my big dick in and fuck this.”

Fuck. Fuck. I’m not going to last.

Like he feels it, he lifts his head, his face glistening with my cream as he watches me. “I want to feel you explode as I feed.” He shares a look with the others, and with a chuckle, he returns to my pussy and resumes his attack.

A third finger joins the others, curling inside of me to hit those nerves that have me writhing and crying out their names. My hands come up to grip their hair—one brown, one white. Fisting it, I push them harder onto my breasts as Reve nips my clit. I’m so close, so fucking close, my pussy flutters, and then he turns his head, adds a forth finger, and they all lift their heads in unison.

“What—” I start, but it ends in a howl.

I scream as they strike at the same time.

Reve bites my thigh, and Osis and Azul sink their fangs into my breasts.

All three pairs of fangs slide deep as they begin to feed, and the sharp pain makes me come. My pussy clamps on Reve’s big fingers as I writhe, gripping their hair to hold them to me. My blood drips across my chest and onto my stomach, down my legs and onto the bed.

Their hands begin to massage it into my skin, and I come again until I can’t see. When I come to, they are lapping at their fang marks, and I’m coated in sweat. Groaning, I use my fists in their hair to drag Azul and Osis up. First, I kiss Azul, tasting my blood, and without opening my eyes, I turn to kiss Osis. Our tongues tangle until their faces push together and we are all kissing, and I clench around Reve’s fingers again.

Laughing, he pulls them out. “Oh, she likes that. Keep her wet for me, boys,” he says as he slides his fingers down and circles my ass. His other hand slips under and lifts me until his tongue follows his fingers’ path, licking and touching until I’m panting into their mouths. They swallow my moans of pleasure.

“Reve,” I whimper, and I’m suddenly flipped.

A hand comes down on my ass, and a knee presses my legs open wider as I hold myself up on my hands. “One of you gets her pussy, and the other gets her mouth. Isn’t that right, pretty girl? You want all three of us pumping our queen full of our cum?”

“Fuck yes.” I toss my hair over my shoulder and crawl towards Osis, who’s the closest. His white hair is stained with my blood, and it’s smeared across his lips and chest. His fist pumps his huge, hard cock, and I lean down and lap at the tip. His head falls back, and his strokes stop as he holds it for me. His abs roll with his breath as I lick and suck the tip of him, the salty taste making me moan and dip my mouth down lower. When I swallow him all the way to his fist, he slowly uncurls his hold, and then I slide down all the way until he’s seated in the back of my throat. He groans loudly and rolls his hips, tangling his fingers in my hair.

“I guess you get her pretty pussy,” Reve tells Azul, and my ass is lifted again. I feel a body under me, but I don’t look, not even as lips wrap around my nipples. For a moment, I begin to pull back, panicking about Azul being on his back under me, knowing he doesn’t like it.

How could I not enjoy this?His voice fills my head.I enjoy having you above me, tasting your mates and claiming me. Nothing could be more perfect.

I relax and pull my mouth up, watching Osis lift his head. His eyes are blown wide, and his lips are parted. “You better get inside of her quickly. I’m not going to last in this pouty little mouth, not with her looking at me like that and sucking me so good.”

“You heard the man,” Reve says, and their hands grip my hips and sides to lift me.

Azul’s huge cock presses to my pussy, and they hesitate, but I don’t. I drive myself down, impaling myself on him, making us both cry out. I lick and suck at Osis’s length, needing to do something to distract myself from my pussy being stretched so deliciously that I wind and grind my hips, needing to move.

“Behave,” Reve orders, slapping my ass. “Watching you wiggle like that will have me coming before I even get my big dick in this tight little ass.”

“Then get the hell inside me,” I demand. “That’s an order from your queen.” I’m still in charge, even though I’m impaled on one man’s dick and sucking another’s. I could tell them to stop touching me and they would. I could order them to lie down, their hard cocks begging for relief, and get myself off.

Gladly, Reve says in my head, his powers wrapping around me and showing me exactly just that.

When I come back, I’m gasping from his vision. His cock circles my asshole, playing with me, and when I glance back, I see his wrist bleeding. As I stare, he wraps his bloodied hand around his length and strokes, getting it wet, and I groan before sucking Osis’s cock again. I’m about to shout at him, but he pushes me down and slams into me.

I come. I can’t help it.

The blood and the feeling of every hole being filled sends me screaming over the edge, but they don’t let me relax, no. They fuck me through it, taking control. Reve’s fingers dig into my hips, drawing me back onto his cock, and then Azul’s hands yank me down until I’m fucking him. All the while, Osis thrusts into my mouth, his hands turning into the claws of his tiger and tangling in my hair, directing my mouth as he slams into the back of my throat each time.

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