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“You’re so close, mate. I can see it. Come for me. Come for your mate.”

With a scream, she clenches around her fingers, her pretty pussy gushing with her release.

Never before has there been a better sight.

“Good girl,” I coo as I climb between her thighs. “Now, suck your fingers clean for me and taste how hard you came for your mate.”

Shakily, she pulls them free and sucks them, her eyes on me once more. “Please, Osis,” she mumbles around her fingers.

“Please what?” I demand, gripping her neck.

“Please fuck me, mate me,” she purrs, popping her fingers free.

“Feed my cock into your pussy,” I snap, on the edge of losing control. “Take every inch without my help.”

Reaching down, she grips my length, presses it to her entrance, and lifts her hips to impale herself. I don’t move; I don’t help. I grit my teeth as I sink deeper into her wet heat, moaning when she struggles to get me all in.

“All of me,” I snap.

Whimpering, she works herself harder, rubbing her clit until I finally settle all the way inside her.

“Good girl.” Holding her neck, I start to move, and she cries out as I take her hard and fast, pounding into her.

Turning my head, I bite my arm, watching the blood trickle down it and onto her neck and chest, splashing her heaving tits. The sight is so erotic, I almost spill.

She clenches around me, crying out as I tighten my grip and hammer into her, claiming my mate.

Her body moves from the force of my thrusts. “Come for me, mate, and milk me of my release,” I order.

With a cry, she does just that, clenching so tightly around me, I have no choice but to pump my cum deep inside of her. Falling forward, I catch her lips as we come together, and then I fall to the side, my cock still in her fluttering channel as she sighs happily. “I love you.”

“I love you so much,” she replies as I slowly untangle us, feeling the others nearby.

She might be mine for a spell, but she is ours all the time, and they file back in, climbing in to cuddle our queen. Balance is something I value more than anything, and they offer us that.

She also offers that to us with open arms.

* * *


I hear her call my name and make my way through the foliage without hesitation. It’s not like her to seek me out without checking my mind first, and I worry something is wrong. I prowl into the clearing, scanning the area before locking on her. I scent blood but find she’s simply smiling at me.

What is wrong?I ask, ready to defend my mate, my tail thrashing as I pad over in tiger form.

“Nothing, I simply wanted to see you and spend some time with you and your tiger. Is that okay?”

More than, I answer, and an idea comes to mind.You rode Lycus, correct?

She starts to grin, and I chuff.Dirty girl, I meant in his spider form, on his back.

She giggles but nods.

Climb on.I turn and lower myself. She carefully swings her leg over me, and when her fingers grip the fur on my neck, I lift and start to walk into the forest. I move slowly at first, letting her get used to my gait, and when she’s confident in her seat, I start to speed up. She laughs, the sound encouraging me to leap over fallen trees and logs and sprint. I would never let my mate fall, and she knows it. My tail lashes behind us as I race faster and leap higher as she holds on and cries out for more.

We explore the forest for hours at a slower pace, and I show her my favourite spots. We check on our monsters, and then once we’re back at court, I help her down. Before I can transform, she leans in and kisses my forehead between my eyes.

“Thank you, mate, for showing me so much beauty and peace, and for letting me feel it through you.”

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