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I squirt around it, feeling it drip to the floor, and then I black out from the overload. When I come to, he’s still fucking me, his hard thrusts making me sway and cry out, and then his fangs pierce my neck.

“Once more, queen,” he snarls, sounding more like an animal than a man. “Once more, let me feel you come as I do.”

“Lycus.” His name is a mere whisper.

“Again,” he snarls, slamming his fangs into me as he thrusts both his cock and the leg into my body. I come apart for him once more, and he roars as he stills in my ass, pumping me with his cum. I am completely and utterly destroyed.

He carefully pulls his cock from my ass and the leg from my pussy, and then turns me in the bindings until I see him. Lifting the leg, he licks it clean before he drops it. Lycus grips my chin and kisses me, and then he pulls back.

“Look at that, my queen. Look at the mess you made for me.”

My eyes drop to the floor, and I see he’s right. My blood and cum cover it. Cutting me down, he catches me and curls me into his chest.

“You did so good, Althea, so good,” he purrs, kissing my head as I lie limply in his arms.

I hear footsteps and perk up, both of us sharing a look as the door opens, and then the very last person I was expecting to see steps into the room.

“So I have—I don’t even want to know what was happening in here,” Simon calls, covering his eyes, and I laugh.

* * *

Simon watches me as I sit. I had to clean up and find some clothes since Lycus destroyed mine.

The others chuckle, all knowing what went down, but I just smile, ignoring them. “Not that I’m not happy to see you, but you’re back so soon,” I tell Simon.

“I bet you were very happy.” He grins, making me roll my eyes.

“How’s the werewolf knotting?” I retort.

“Touché.” He nods, conceding to me. “Okay, back to business.” He points at Lycus, who just grins and grips the back of my neck possessively, not the least bit bothered about being caught during our sex games.

Simon points from his eyes to Lycus, making me laugh. “Simon?”

“Right, saving the world business.” He claps. “So I may have asked around and got some information. It seems the court is holding an invite only party in two days’ time. Some of the other courts are going, mainly those who enjoy, erm . . .”

“Pain,” Azul says when Simon struggles.

Simon winces. “Yes.”

“That is not uncommon. They have their predilections and come to court to indulge.” Azul shrugs. “Getting onto that list would be hard, however, because they are regulars.”

“Hard, not impossible,” Simon offers. “It seems my friend was supposed to bring more people and welcome them to the fold. I told him I know someone who might be interested. Of course I gave them a fake name, but it should get you in. He wouldn’t tell me much, just to be open-minded and that you are blood vowed never to discuss whatever happens there. I know it’s not much—”

“It’s more than enough,” I assure him as I look around. “Time to get your fancy clothes out, boys, we are going to a party. It would be rude not to.” I look at Azul. “Would you like to stay here?”

“No.” He sits up straight under my careful gaze. “You will not go back in there without me. I can help you pick out the people and navigate the court politics. Without me, they will probably kill you.”

“Are you sure?” Nathair asks, all of us knowing how much it will cost him to step back into the place that still haunts him.

“With my queen, I will do anything,” Azul murmurs.

“Then we will go to the party,” Nathair agrees, watching Azul carefully. “We will do our job. Simon, thank you. Please keep your ears open for anything else.”

“Got it.” He nods and winks at me. “So now back to what I walked into—”

“You really don’t want to know.” I grin. “It will scar you for life.”

“Do not kink shame, Thea, how rude.” He huffs. “I’ll tell you about knotting.”

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