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“No, because we chose you, Althea. We choose you every single day. The judge’s bond does not include feelings, which you know. It is just that, a bond you could have with any stranger. We chose to feel for you, we chose to love you, and we chose to make it a mate bond. You have to know that.”

“Prove it,” I demand, my breath hitching. “Prove you want me.”

He rolls and pins me, pressing his lips onto mine.

I taste the truth on his lips.

Groaning, I lift my legs and wrap them around his waist, sliding my hands across his shoulders. I trace his tattoos as he moans and lifts his head, his eyes blown with desire as he watches me beneath him.

“If we ever got to choose our mates, Althea, I would choose you every time. I would be yours until the end.” Leaning down, he swallows my response, kissing me again as his hands make quick work of the dress I’m wearing until I’m naked below him. He kisses down my chest, across my breasts and stomach, and down, ignoring my pulsing pussy. I rub my thighs together for friction and lift my hips to encourage him, but he slides down and undoes my heels, kissing along the arch of each foot before moving up my body to my lips. “Every time, Althea, we would choose you to be ours. Let me show you.”

He lifts me and carries me into the pool, the warm water making me gasp as his fangs scrape across my throat. “Reve.” His name is a plea as I grind against him, searching for relief. My hunger wars with my desire to feel him buried deep inside of me here, in his sanctuary, as our two, raw hearts align.

I would choose him too.

I would choose all of them.

In fact, I chose them to be my mates. I was destined for this great love, just like my mother said.

His hands drag along my skin, washing away the blood from tonight. He rinses away my doubts and our pain until we are clean and reborn together. Reve leans me back on a ledge before he drops to his knees in the water and suckles on one of my nipples. My head falls back to the edge of the tub, and my eyes close in ecstasy. I slide my fingers through his silken locks as his mouth teases my nipple into a hard point. Pleasure arcs through me like electricity, straight to my throbbing clit, and my whole body comes alive for him. He watches me as he turns his head and tortures my other breast, kissing and licking until I’m writhing under him and begging him to make me come.

His thoughts fill my head, and all the dirty praises I hear make me claw at him.

Nipping my breast, he slides his talented lips up my chest, across my throat, and to my ear. “You are so beautiful, my Althea, a fucking goddess. We might be nightmares, but you are a fucking dream, one I want to live in,” he croons, his words nearly causing me to tear up as I grip him and flip us.

He laughs, holding me tight, as I straddle his lap and reach for his cock, stroking his length. His laughter cuts off with a groan.

Smirking, I press the tip of his cock to my pussy and lean in, watching him flex as he tries to tug me down. “Say you’re mine,” I murmur. “Tell me I’m yours.”

“Yours, I’m yours.” He groans, his eyes tight. “Now fuck me, mate.”

Moaning, I slam myself down on him, taking every hard inch of his cock inside me. We both gasp at the feel of me stretching around him. Pleasure arches through the bond, filled with love, happiness, and friendship.

A true mating.

“Mine,” I groan as I ride my mate while he watches me with adoration. The water slowly laps against us as I reach out and steady myself with my hands on the edge of the pool. His dark, hungry eyes watch my swaying body as he grips my hips and helps me.

“Yours,” he replies without shame, his heart hammering in time with mine as our bodies move together. He tilts my hips so he hits my clit with every thrust, and my head falls back. “That’s it, mate, ride me until you come. Let me feel it. Take what you need.”

His words encourage me, and I speed up as he seals his lips around my nipple, winding me up until I’m moaning. I ride him faster and faster, churning the water around us. My pussy clenches around him, and the pleasure grows until it explodes through me and I scream his name.

He kisses me through it, and when I slump, he turns me and presses my back to the wall as he starts to move with slow, soft thrusts. My eyes open and lock on him.

“There she is,” he murmurs. “Eyes on me, Thea.”

Nodding, I wrap my arms around his neck and lift my hips to meet his soft thrusts. Something passes between us until we are both panting and searching each other’s gazes. The bond is so strong, it almost fills the air around us until we struggle to breathe.

The fucking turns into something slower and sweeter.

It’s not rushed, hungry, or desperate, but soft and true, the type that lasts forever.

Our lips meet in a perfect kiss, our souls locked together as our bodies move as one. The pleasure builds until we tumble down together, wrapped around each other.

When we finally break apart, both of us are panting, and the slow grin he gives me sends butterflies shooting through me.

“Understand now, Thea?”

I nod because I do.

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