It was a long-sleeved white button-up sleep shirt. It fell just past mid-thigh, but was warm against my chest and I hated wearing any type of pants to sleep.

My hands ran down the front of the thermal material, quickly closing each button as I wondered what time Logan would be landing.

After washing my face and throwing my hair in a loose ponytail, not caring how I looked, I put on some moisturizer and grabbed my blanket and pillow from my bed. The recliner, which I rarely used, would work fine and I could better keep an eye on Oliver if he awoke. As I curled into the overstuffed chair and draped the blanket over my legs, I grabbed the remote and flicked on the television.

Logan walked across the living room, his chest and feet bare and jeans riding low on his hips, unbuckled. I stood from the recliner, dropping my blanket, confused by the determined look in his eyes.

He was in front of me instantly and pulling me into his arms with a low throaty growl. My insides shuddered, awakening a primal need I’d kept buried for far too long. I waited for him to speak, to say anything, tell me what brought this on, but his lips were sealed.

I glanced across the room to the couch and saw Oliver was gone, as was Scout. Did Logan take him home already? Before I could ask, his hands snaked up my back, through my hair, and cupped my cheeks. His thumbs smoothed the wrinkles I felt on my brow at my bemused expression.


He leaned in, my heart pounding, blood racing through my veins as I inhaled his fresh clean scent. His lips scorched my skin when he placed a fiery trail of blazing kisses from my ear, down my cheek to my jaw. Before I could comprehend what was happening, he claimed my lips.

I gasped, and he used it to his advantage, darting his tongue inside my mouth, battling with mine. My entire body surrendered to him, giving into the desires I’d tried to keep at bay for months. A shiver raced up my spine, wrapping around my neck, and sending my body further into overdrive.

Logan’s strong hands moved slowly down my back, tracing each and every curve before gripping my ass, and lifting me up. Not missing the opportunity, I wrapped my legs around his waist; kissing him with a passion I never dreamed I was capable of experiencing. My body yearned to be one with his. I groaned, dejectedly, when his lips strayed from mine, his tongue gliding down my jaw toward my chest. He took a few steps forward slamming my back against the wall. My hands dug into his soft wavy hair.

“I want you,” I moaned, grinding against him in need of friction, his lips blazing a trail back up.

“Please…Logan…” I breathed, dropping my head back, resting it on the wall, to give him further access to all places his tongue wished to travel.


“Don’t stop, please,” I begged, squeezing my legs tighter around him and crossing my ankles at his back, locking him against me.

“Cassandra, for the love of God, wake up. You’re killing me here.” His voice vibrated through me, but his lips were still silently kissing my neck in the heat of passion. I reluctantly pulled back, staring at him in confusion.

Slowly the vision of a shirtless Logan teasing my body began to blur away, leaving behind only his pleading voice. The haze lifted and my eyes jerked open, landing on a suit clad Logan, staring down at me with dark, hooded eyes.

“Logan!” I jumped forward in the chair. “You scared the hell out of me.” I sat up fully, my hand covering my pounding heart, adrenaline ripping through me.

At some point, my blanket had been kicked to the floor and shifting in the chair, I noticed my pajama shirt had risen up from my tossing and turning. I quickly maneuvered, pulling it down and reaching for the blanket to fully cover myself.

I felt the sting in my cheeks and slumped back against the chair, closing my eyes and taking a deep breath.

“Sorry to wake you.” He shifted his weight from one foot to the other, his expression flustered.

“Your flight okay?” I asked, slowly opening my eyes.

He nodded then looked over to Oliver. “Did everything go all right tonight?”

“Yeah.” I yawned. “I’ll call you tomorrow and fill you in on his day.” I stood, holding the blanket around my body.

He nodded again, his expression left me further perplexed. I watched as he walked to the couch, and lifted Oliver into his arms. Scout jumped down and began yapping at Logan’s feet.

“You can keep the blanket around him,” I said when he tried to unwrap his son.

“I’ll bring it back tomorrow.”

“No rush,” I chuckled, uneasily.

I walked him to the door and opened it for him.

“Thanks again, Cassandra. I’ll see you Christmas at noon, right?”

“Of course.” I gave a small, drowsy but still sexed up smile and watched as Logan walked out, turning back once more after stepping outside.

“Sweet dreams, sweetheart.” He smirked and my insides quaked.

He knew. He possibly even heard me. My blood ran cold but I held his gaze not giving him the satisfaction. I had no clue how much he heard, but the smug grin on his face and twinkle in his eye, told me it was enough to paint a pretty good picture for him.

I bit my lip. My heated palm gripped the doorknob.

“Good night, Logan. Hope your dreams are equally pleasant.”

Chapter Twenty-Three


I stood in front of the familiar oak door, where a fresh wreath with a bright-red bow hung proudly. It was just before noon on Christmas Day. Logan had told me to come over as early as I liked, but I wanted to give him and Oliver their morning alone together. He had spent the two previous days in the city with his family, but did not fail to deliver his morning texts as well as an occasional one throughout the day before. I couldn’t get to the phone fast enough, eager to read what he was up to, but with each smile or laugh I had his quip, the more I realized I was getting in too deep.

At my feet, Scout stood between my legs, tail wagging, yapping to be picked up. The pup was completely spoiled.

Even being here at Logan’s home a handful of times in the last few months, my stomach still fluttered to life when I leaned in, and pressed the small buzzer. It wasn’t an uncomfortable feeling. I’d never been more at ease with a man before, even Mark, but the more time we spent together, the harder it was to remember why he was all wrong for me.

Within seconds, the door swung open.

“Cassie!” Oliver stood in red and white striped pajamas, his wavy hair still tousled from sleep. “You came!” He opened the door wider for me to enter.

“Of course I came. I promised you I would, didn’t I?”

“Scout!” Oliver reached down and scooped up the pup, rocking him in his arms.

“I hope your dad doesn’t mind I brought him along. Thought you might want to see him again. He misses you.”

“I missed you too, buddy.” Oliver placed a small kiss on the puppy’s head, then turned and began skipping happily back inside.

With a soft laugh, I closed the front door, and followed behind him. The perfect aroma of fresh pine and cinnamon filled my nostrils. I smiled. Green garland covered with glass balls and bright colorful lights flowed down the banister, and a small tree decorated with homemade ornaments sat in the corner of the foyer. I never dreamed Logan would decorate his home so lavishly for the holidays.

He had told me it was his favorite time of year as a child, but I never realized just how much he truly enjoyed celebrating it.