Secrets and Sin

Author: Olivia Jaymes
Category: Romance
Total pages: 98

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Secrets and Sin

Zackery Winslow has returned home to Winslow Heights for his father’s wedding. As with any family reunion, he fully expects the event to stir up both fond memories and unresolved tensions. He didn’t anticipate reconnecting with Lucy Gilbert, a friend from high school. From their first meeting, an unexpected, but not unwelcome, heat simmers between them. This trip home might be better than he’d hoped for.

Lucy Gilbert remembers the fun, self-assured boy who believed that he had everything figured out all those years ago. She certainly hadn’t counted on the electric spark that she experienced upon running into the devastatingly attractive oldest Winslow. Unfortunately, she knows better than to believe that Zachery will stick around after the wedding.

The days leading up to the Winslow wedding take a very dark turn when human remains are discovered, possibly belonging to Zack’s missing mother. Dark secrets begin to surface one by one, revealing a family façade that could very well shatter with the truth. While Zack stands at a crossroads that could redefine his entire existence, it is Lucy who he sees at every turn. Will Zack have the courage to confront his past and protect his newfound love, or will the shadows of the Winslow family’s secrets consume them all?

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