Flute for the Forgotten (Rejected 6)

Author: Jaycee Wolfe
Category: Romance | New Adult
Series: Rejected
Total pages: 13

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Flute for the Forgotten (Rejected 6)


Loud, funny, life of the party…. Lonely. Yeah, that last one doesn't seem to fit how everyone sees me. To my friends I’m the comic relief, to everyone else I'm just another rebel kid who will be stuck in this town for the rest of his life, going nowhere. Both are at least a little true. I like to laugh, sometimes too much and in the wrong situations, but life without laughter is an unbearable existence. I’ve always been a rebel kid, but not in the way most people think. I never got into anything illegal… well mostly. No matter what the world thinks of me, there’s only one other word that truly describes me... Forgotten. Until Birkley.


Smile, play through the pain, show your teeth, don't miss a note, don't miss a step. I’ve been groomed my entire life to be perfect. I had a knack for playing any instrument you put in my hands. My mother was content with that as long as I was perfect, as long as I followed her orders, as long as I made it into Julliard. That's not what I want, though. My love for these instruments was lost long ago, forgotten in the hours and hours of torture, of playing, of abuse. Life was torture… Until Parker.

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