Traded to the Mafia

Author: Veda Rose
Category: Dark | Crime | Adult | Romance
Total pages: 53

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Traded to the Mafia

I hate his merciless guts. Now I’m forced to live with him.
I was kidnapped and traded away to tie the mafia families together.
Until he came along, guns blazing and temper high.
I fought him at every point, but he took me hostage for his own purposes anyway.

I knew how dangerous he is. He’s a gangster and ruthless killer.
But what I didn’t know is what it would be like to live in his house with him.
It’s dangerous to be in close quarters with him, because his stare makes me blush.
It’s dangerous to see him shirtless in the kitchen, because it makes me squirm.

He calls me a mafia princess and says he’ll teach me what the real world is like.
I refuse to tell him that I want him to teach me other things…
Like how it would feel to have his hands all over my body.
Like how it would taste to have his tongue playing with mine.

Will the cold gangster make me beg for it?

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