Finding Brooklyn

Author: Charlotte St. Pierre
Category: Erotic | Adult | Romance
Total pages: 21

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Finding Brooklyn

The men I now called mine. Despite the threat hanging over my head, we have found our rhythm. I had never been a part of a real family, but if this was what it was, I never wanted to lose it.

Though I don’t understand what love is, these men are starting to own my heart, as well as my body. I’ve found a confidence that I never had before and I can feel happiness shining through me.

I should have known it was too good to last…

Petty disagreements drive me from the home I shared with my men and I find myself back in the middle of danger. When I’m kidnapped and held by my psycho ex, I can’t think of anything but my men. But I don’t know if I want them to find me, or just leave me to die.

Because after I’m ruined, I’m not even sure they can put me back together again.

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