Author: Shannon West
Category: Paranormal | Romance | M-M Romance
Total pages: 53

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In a world where vampires are evil incarnate, and whatever spark of humanity they might have once possessed has long since been forgotten, Will Logan is a Vampire Hunter. Once a victim of the savage creatures, Will was saved by methods that were part medicinal and part supernatural. But the attack left him a Half-Blood, a hybrid creature with only one agenda—to track down and destroy all vampires and their blood thralls. When Will and his team get word of such a pair operating in the city of Atlanta, he and his partner manage to track the blood thrall down, though the vampire has disappeared. Will’s plan is to closely question and follow the thrall in the hope that the vampire will return to him.

It’s the perfect plan until Will begins to develop feelings for the blood thrall.

Jace O’Neal was involved in a torrid love affair with Dylan Malone, but he broke it off between them after a frightening, violent argument. Now he’s finally managed to end things between them for good—or so he thinks. But Dylan, who is still passing as human, suddenly goes missing and all the evidence points to Jace being involved. The Hunters suspect he’s covering for Dylan and helping him hide from them. But as Will and Jace’s relationship grows more heated, Jace learns exactly what Malone is. Panicked, he tries to run from the truth, but can he ever escape the darkness? Or now that he’s been compromised by the vampire, will the Hunters feel they have to destroy him too?

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