Wicked Games (Ashby Crime Family)

Author: K.B. Winters
Category: Dark | Romance | Adult | Erotic | Crime
Total pages: 87

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Wicked Games (Ashby Crime Family)

I was falling for a man who could either save me or shatter me.
After I lost my husband to the ruthless underworld,
I knew I’d never love again. He was my life. My world.
Guilt, sadness and betrayal keep me from letting go.
Then I meet Emmett Manning. Ex-boxer. Rough around the edges, but a good man. He came into my life when I needed a friend and now I can't imagine living without him.
He's sexy, funny and such a gentleman.
Then he kills a man with his bare hands. To protect me.
And I realize there's more to him than meets the eye.
He's a dangerous man with a dark past. A man who lives by his own rules.
Now we're fighting for our lives. Against the criminal underworld, and against each other.
Because love is the most dangerous game of all. . .

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