Fighting for the Pride

Author: Lilly Wilder
Category: Paranormal | Erotic | Romance
Total pages: 34

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Fighting for the Pride

My mate and rival want me.

As the Lioness of my dying pride, my mate Lanas helps me break free from my father's constraints.
We now look to find a new home for our people.

On our journey to Orestes, we meet Mika, heir to another pride.
We’re rivals at first, but I slowly start to see him differently.
Every time he talks to me I can’t stop looking into his beautiful eyes.

Lanas was always meant to be my mate.
But my attraction to Mika creates a complex dynamic between the three of us.

The love and attraction I have for both Lanas and Mika consume me.
I need to figure out how it’s going to work with the two of them.

If I don’t our pride could become extinct.

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