Hung like a Lumberjack

Author: Chloe Kent
Category: Erotic | Romance
Total pages: 36

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Hung like a Lumberjack

No one can unsettle Finley Marsh the same way her condescending step-cousin can, which explains how Finley finds herself on the wrong end of a challenge where she has to prove that what lumberjack Jagger McCoy has in his pants, according to legend, is not just wood.

Of course, the only way to accomplish such a mission is to wear a green leather catsuit, so she could mingle with the trees in the woods, spy on him in his secluded cabin in the mountains and take a photo as evidence.

That is not what happens.

From the first moment Jagger McCoy sees her trying to sneak a peek at him, he decides she belongs to him. He certainly doesn’t care that she has to marry her childhood best friend to help her father out of a financial mess and fixes that problem easily by scaring away her groom-to-be.

There isn’t anything Jagger wouldn’t do to keep her.

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