One Big Lie

Author: J.P. Comeau
Category: Romance
Total pages: 48

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One Big Lie

Love Unyielding, Danger Lurking, Secrets Unraveled - Courage Ignites…

Embark on a sizzling journey of rediscovered love and tantalizing passion as I reconnect with Brad, my long-time friend, colleague, and old flame. Our smoldering chemistry reignites across the miles, with me studying at the University of Wyoming and Brad embarking on a demanding career at Rosedale Tech in San Diego. Despite the distance and time, our hearts synchronize, creating an irresistible pull of love too powerful to ignore.

As we navigate the intoxicating thrills and desires of our renewed relationship, we're unwillingly dragged into a dangerous corporate scandal that has plagued Rosedale Technologies for years. Behind the scenic backdrop of Yosemite, the buzzing city life of San Diego, and the high-stakes environment of Seattle, we find ourselves entangled in a web of treachery involving a rogue FBI agent and a haunting figure from the past. This twisted intrigue forces me to make a daunting decision that not only threatens my education but also puts our relationship—and our lives—at risk.

Join Brad and me on our compelling journey filled with unquenchable desire, fierce dedication, and second chances at love, all wrapped in a mystery that will keep your heart racing. 'One Big Lie: A Second Chance Romantic Suspense' delivers a captivating, steam-filled roller-coaster ride that you won't want to miss. Dive in today and experience the heat for yourself.


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