Unholy Obsession

Author: Faye Pierce
Category: Romance
Total pages: 78

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Unholy Obsession

I was the moth drawn to his flame, doomed to be burned by his fire.

When ruthless mafia boss Marco kidnapped me, I thought my life was over.

I had never been exposed to the dangerous world of my family before. But now, I am caught in the crossfire of a powerful vendetta.

While I struggle to adjust to life as Marco’s captive, I discovered a complex individual battling his own demons. And despite my fear, I find myself drawn to him.

His touch and gaze set me ablaze with a desire—forbidden and undeniable.

Each time his fingers traced my skin, they whispered tales of lust and deception, luring me deeper into his treacherous world. But as his touch revealed secrets, fueling my desire to escape him, my plan was already in motion…

His love is a curse I can't break, his touch a spell I can't resist.

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