Kiss me at Dawn (Forbidden)

Author: Melody Anne
Category: Erotic | Romance
Total pages: 110

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Kiss me at Dawn (Forbidden)

Three Brothers, a billion-dollar business, the world at their fingertips . . . and the woman who will make them fall to their knees. What could possibly go wrong?

I’m Byron Astor, and my world isn’t what most would consider perfect, but I’m satisfied with the way my life’s going. There are only two people in this world I love — my brothers, Blake and Tyler.

A woman is now threatening the carefully balanced beam I’ve been holding onto, and her name is McKenzie Beaumont. McKenzie has interfered for the last time in our lives, and she’s about to feel my wrath.

I’m McKenzie and haven’t always been so closed off, or cold, but I’ve learned the hard way that men are never to be trusted. If I stay ahead of the game, then I’m the true winner, even if the men think they have all the control.

I’m Tyler Astor and not nearly as hard as my brothers. I was too young to remember the horrific death of my parents, the betrayal of my mother, or the weakness of my father. But I’ve watched my brothers, and the hard life they’ve led, and I’ve always been the calm in the storm for us all, bringing light to an otherwise dark world.

When I watch my brothers find a ray of sun in their otherwise turbulent lives, I wonder why I can’t find the same and I go on a quest, for the first time doing it all on my own without the negative words of my brothers in my ear. But I’m about to learn that no matter how much I might want to hide from my dark past, it’s something that won’t disappear. And it’s about to catch up to me.

Who will prevail in this battle of the sexes? Who has the most to lose?

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