A Winter's Night with Tempest

Author: Michelle Mankin
Category: Romance
Total pages: 39

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A Winter's Night with Tempest

Tempest. The biggest baddest rock band in the world. No one expected five misfits from Southside Seattle to climb that mountain but they stormed it. Not only that but each of them found love along the way. But hold up. Maybe things at the top aren’t as blissful as they seem. Tempest might have to defend that hard won prize from another band who thinks they’re even bigger and badder.

Warren “War” Jinkins is the handsome and volatile lead singer of Tempest. The most arrogant frontman in the business won't yield without a fight. But now he has his wife Shaina, the woman he always needed, and his twin girls to consider.

And then there is Bryan Jackson’s boy. The kid has an attitude and some to spare. Can War help Bryan understand his headstrong son? Can he be the father his girls need? Can his band hold off their challenger? And what will happen when War invites the whole crew to his place for the holidays? Will it be a merry Christmas or just mayhem? These answers and more can be found inside: A Winter’s Night with Tempest.

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