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“What, do you have super sperm or something?” Tinsley says after coming out of the bathroom, a test in her hand. We both knew it was a possibility it could happen. I shrug my shoulders. I’ve got nothing to feel bad about.

“You can’t blame me for all of that. Maybe you have super eggs?” I joke back with her.

“One time, that’s all it took. I’m blaming your sperm, that’s all there is to it.” She’s acting like this is a huge deal, but I see the smile playing on her face. It’s all so telling.

“Come here, crazy girl.” Tinsley runs. I brace myself as she jumps into my arms, her legs clamping tightly around my waist.

“I’m so freaking excited. I mean, sure, it’s really soon, but we’re ready, right?” she questions.

“Fuck yes, we’re ready. Though this means no more using the hot tub while you’re pregnant.” I think back on the last time we had sex in there. She was bent over the ledge. Fingers gripping the side so hard her fingers were opaque. Her hair was wet, my hand fisting her locks, the other one holding on to her hip, keeping her steady. Her cunt was right in front of the jet, causing her thighs to tremble even though her knees were on the bench. When she moaned, “I’m coming, Leo,” she almost took me with her. I pulled out at the last minute, used the globes of her ass to thrust my cock back and forth, wondering not for the first time if she’d let me take her ass. Tinsley’s adventurous, but that’s not something we’ve talked about yet.

Her hand reached beneath her body. I thought she was going to play with herself while I got off while using her ass cheeks. She shocked me when instead, her fingers found my balls, rolling them around in her hand, tugging on them, trying to push me over the edge like only she can do. I let her hair go, both of my hands grabbed her hips, and I prayed she was already pregnant, or she’d get on birth control in the next week because there was nothing better than coming deep inside her pussy. That thought was what pushed me over the edge. I painted the globes of her ass checks with my cum before almost falling on top of her. I barely caught myself, but she used her hand that was just on my balls to move my body closer to hers.

“It only gets better, Tinsley,” I crooned in her ear, causing her body to shiver, and it wasn’t from the cool weather either.

“I know,” she whispered. We cleaned up shortly after that. I carried her to bed, where she slept heavier than Tinsley usually did. It’s what prompted me to pester her today until she took the test.

“Well, that kind of sucks, but on a brighter note, we don’t have to worry about birth control for the next few months,” she states. Her arms are looped around my shoulders, her smile shining brightly.

“That means I can come inside you every fucking time.” I move my hips so she can feel just what she’s doing to me.

“Yes, please!” I find that spot on her collarbone, kissing it first before traveling to her lips. I need this woman more and more each day. Adding to our family will only make life that much better.

“I guess I need to make that happen now.” We turn around, her still wrapped up in my arms as I carry her to bed, where we make love until both of our bodies are bone tired. My thoughts go back to her parents. If they hadn’t pulled the stunt they did, who knows what could have happened to Tinsley, the mother of our future children, the woman I know I’ll be hauling ass to the courthouse and marrying within the week. I think I can speak for the both of us that things work out for the best, and the Suttons are definitely spending a whole lot of time in a new house, a concrete and reinforced steel house, that is.

That last thought puts a smile on my face, curling into Tinsley’s back, falling asleep to her scent and warmth surrounding me.



Two Years Later

“Oh my gosh, this is going to be so much fun.” I take off towards the pasture where Raelynn brought in a yoga instructor. Raelynn and I do this for kids who need help transferring their emotions. We’ve seen it help leaps and bounds. Now, it’s our girl time while the dads of the group look on and watch the kids.

“Hey, girl,” Raelynn says, breaking away from the instructor. All of us girls form a circle, each of us wearing some type of workout clothes. I’m wearing an oversized shirt and leggings, something that would be easy to maneuver when I nurse Hallie. She’s just over a year old now, but weaning her has not been easy. Our pediatrician said to go with the flow, so that’s what we’re doing.

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