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“I’m not sure I want any credit,” Robin muttered. “Kit is going to kill us. Not to mention what Jayden is going to have to say about it.” She let out a squeak. “I can’t believe I told him Kit went to Mexico for Christmas.”

“I can’t believe how bad the snow is,” Georgia said, gazing out the window.

“We’re almost home,” Tasha said in a cheerful tone. “We’re about half an hour away and I’m taking it nice and slow. Thank goodness for these snow tires and my all-wheel drive.”

“Maybe everything will work out as we planned,” Georgia said. “Perhaps our plan will work out perfectly.

Robin leaned forward in her seat and patted Georgia on the shoulder. “Oh, Georgia. That’s what I love the most about you. You’re an eternal optimist.”

“Let’s all try to be eternal optimists regarding Jayden and Kit,” Tasha said. “Let’s pray for them and think good thoughts. Let’s remember how in love they used to be and the vows they exchanged at their wedding. It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Anything can happen at Christmastime.”

“Yes, you’re right. It really can. When Riley came back to Hope Valley, I had no idea we’d fall back in love with each other and get married. It was such a blessing!” Georgia reached out and cranked up the radio. Kissing by the Mistletoe was playing. All three women began to sing along at the top of their lungs. Despite their worries, hope hung in the air. Each of them was praying that their matchmaking plan would work out for the best.

What better Christmas gift could there be than to have a reunion between Jayden and Kit? To have love and light and reconciliation rather than discord and enmity?

It would be God’s light shining in the darkness at the most precious time of the year.

Chapter Three

When Kit woke up the next morning, the delectable smell of bacon wafted under her nose. It smelled heavenly. For a moment she felt confused, until she remembered Jayden’s arrival at the cabin last night. It still felt a little disorienting. And she couldn’t figure out the exact reasons behind Jayden being here at the cabin, although the facts pointed at behind the scenes events. She was fairly certain Tasha, Robin and Georgia were responsible. Kit reached for her cell phone and dialed Georgia’s number, only to realize that she had no service. That was one of the down sides of being out in the boondocks. Cell service was not promised and tended to be unpredictable.

Goodness! She was starving. The smells emanating from the kitchen were taunting her. Bacon was her all-time favorite food. She’d avoided leaving her bedroom last night after the harsh words she and Jayden had exchanged. Kit hated when things between them got so messy and acrimonious. That was one of the major reasons she had decided to file for divorce. Life was too short to be tied up in bitter feelings. It didn’t mean that she no longer loved Jayden, but she refused to live a life where anger replaced love.

She had avoided things by falling asleep. But she couldn’t avoid him for much longer. It would be childish of her. She had to buck up and be strong. Signing these divorce papers would be the hardest thing she’d ever done, although she had realized last night that she had forgotten them at home. It was ridiculous considering it had been her major objective while vacationing at the cabin. It wasn’t like her to be so flighty.

Kit heard her stomach grumbling and looked over at the clock. It was a little past ten o’clock and she’d managed to oversleep. A quick glance out

the window showed that the storm had left a great deal of snow and ice in its wake. It might be tricky for Jayden to drive home today.

After grabbing her robe, Kit left the bedroom and padded down the hall toward the kitchen. She sucked in a deep breath at the sight of Jayden standing at the stove. The sight of him still took her breath away. With his closely cropped hair, warm brown skin, gorgeous face and an incredibly athletic build, he was the most good looking man she’d ever laid eyes on. Her dream guy! Or at least he had been until everything had crashed and burned.

Jayden turned around with a spatula in his hand. The smile he flashed in her direction threatened to make her knees buckle. “Good morning. I hope you slept well.”

She nodded, then said. “Morning. I slept like a log. And you? How was that mattress in the guest room?”

“I slept quite well even though the wind was roaring pretty fiercely.”

Kit frowned. “Really? I didn’t hear a thing. I must have slept straight through it.”

Jayden removed some scrambled eggs from the pan and turned back toward her. He jutted his chin in the direction of the table. “I made some bacon, eggs and pancakes. Why don’t you sit down so you can eat something?”

Kit sat down at the kitchen table, listening to Jayden without question. It was such a familiar feeling to be sitting down to a meal prepared by her husband. He’d always been a fabulous cook and he’d always taken care of her needs. It was one of the things she missed the most about being with him. Kit had always felt protected.

Jayden leaned over and placed a plate of hot food down in front of her. The smell was fairly intoxicating. She was practically salivating. Jayden sat down across from her with his own plate. Without questioning it, they both bowed their heads and Kit recited a prayer over their meal. Even though it had been something they’d done at every meal as a couple, neither one wanted to eat without praying over the food. It was nice to know some things never changed.

They ate in compatible silence. When Jayden had finished, he wiped his mouth with a napkin, then locked gazes with her from across the table.

“What? What’s with that look?” Kit asked.

“Something funny happened this morning when I went to see how much snow had fallen last night,” Jayden said, his dark brows furrowed.

“Don’t keep me in suspense. What was it?”

“The tires on both of our vehicles are flat.”

“What? How did that happen?”

“I think it’s a safe guess that the same powers that be who convinced me to come to the cabin were responsible.”

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