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I want to kiss her so badly. But I need to get this out. I blow out a big breath, biting the inside of my cheek because I know what an idiot I must look like.

“Words are hard,” Billie says with a little laugh.

“They can be,” I agree. “For me anyway.”

“Well, let me help you, Calum,” she says. “I know this isn’t supposed to be happening. We’re supposed to be professionals, just working on a project together. But we’ve crossed that line and then some, and I really like you.”

“You do?”

She laughs again. “Of course, I do.”

I let out the breath I didn’t know I was holding. “I’m just…never sure. Of what people think of me.”

“I didn’t think you cared what people think.”

“But I do care sometimes. I care whatyouthink, Billie. Always.”

“Well, be assured that I am firmly in the Calum Lefleur fan club.”

“I like you, too. Very much.”

She smiles widely. I pull her close, wrapping my arms around her, pulling her gorgeous naked body against mine as we embrace.

“This felt so much easier the last time,” I comment with a chuckle. “I feel like such a virgin.”

This makes Billie laugh out loud, a big laugh that has her in tears as she pulls me under the hot spray of water. We both laugh and sputter, and before I know it, the strange tension is erased as I lean in for a kiss. My thumbs brush back and forth over her nipples, circling the tight tips as she arches into the attention.

Her hand grips my cock, stroking slowly as our tongues intermingle. I pull away to catch my breath, moving my hands to push my wet hair from my face, then doing the same for Billie.

“You make Las Vegas…so much better.”No, that’s not the right thing.I try again. “I mean, I’m glad I saw you play that night. When I first spotted you up there…I couldn’t look away, Billie. Even though I didn’t know you, it gave me hope for what this could be.”

She smiles slightly, but her eyes are hooded as she continues the rhythmic stroking. Back and forth, her hand on my cock is hot pleasure, but her mouth would be better.

“Keep up the sweet-talking, Shakespeare.” A wry grin adding to the sexy, I-want-you-to-do-dirty-things-to-me-Calum look on her beautiful face.Oh, I plan on it.

“I was stupid to think things would work with Emily. Stuck in my own head about change. And all the while, you were right here. Arealfriend. A person who accepted me forme. And that means a lot because I think I might be a handful.”

“I do accept you as you are. I can be difficult, too.”

“I’m just glad I found your band that ni—”

“But now you need tostoptalking.”


Our mouths meet again, this time devouring. Consuming. My fingers play at her clit, two slipping down to part her and push deep up inside the tight heat. She flexes into my hand, my palm hard against her most sensitive spot, her moans spurring me to finger her harder, faster, until she’s coming in my arms.That’s happening.

She arches her back, pulling her mouth from mine, shaking her head like she can’t take this friction. Falling to her knees, she takes my cock in her mouth as she looks up at me with those dark, magical eyes of hers. With her mouth and tongue, she continues a slow, sexy rhythm of sucking me.

I brace myself, my hands on the wall behind her, my hips moving to meet her lips, my eyes never leaving her face. Before I lose it completely, I pull her back up, my fingers finding her slippery clit again, my lips and teeth grazing along her nipples as she lets out a gasp of pleasure.

“I want you,” she breathes. “Cal, please.”

“Say Calum,” I growl, giving one of her nipples a gentle bite.

“Ahhh…Calum.” A sexy, low whisper. The sound of her saying my name like that with her naked and desperate in my arms makes a shudder roll through my body.


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