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“I know how to say no, Declan.”

“Right, you just don’t know how to take it as an answer.”

She grins and adjusts her clothes. “You’re right. It’s not often that I have a guy turn me down for anything, let alone sex. I’m literally gift wrapping it for you, and you don’t want anything to do with me.”

“We both know that that’s not true. I want nothing more than to feel those walls clench around me, but making me repeat myself isn’t doing anything for your cause, Denise. Please get to work and I’ll leave a set of keys in your desk drawer. Whatever evidence you find, put it on that flash drive as a report and drop it off to the address I text you.”

I pull out my phone and punch in an address to send to her. She checks the message when it pings inside her pocket. By the time I sit in my chair, my erection is softening and I can get back to work. Denise nods that she understands her assignment and leaves once she’s put her clothes back together.

The hours seem to drag as I continuously glance at the desk where Denise’s supposed to sit as my assistant, but she isn’t there. She’s off, hopping department to department. I’m so lost in thoughts of her, thinking about the next time I can taste that sweet pussy while she’s calling me daddy that I barely notice Vincent Alessandro, my Chief Financial Officer strolling into my office.

“You have really outdone yourself with this one, Deck.” His smile is wide and predatory. I can’t stand his ways around women, but he knows his way around a dollar better than anyone I ever met.

“Don’t fuck her,” I tell him immediately.

He raises his hand and waves them like I’m all wrong. “I get it, she’s off limits. I have Melissa. I don’t need to steal another one of your assistants.”

“You’d really have my reputation around the city be that I fuck and dump my assistants.”

“I’m joking.” He laughs, but it’s not funny.

“The only reason Denise is even here is because of you.” I point at him.


“You literally stole my last assistant. Mel was the best one out of the bunch.”

Vincent shrugs. “Doesn’t really matter, does it? You gave her the option, and she chose me.”

“It wasn’t really a choice if you’re dicking her down on a routine basis.”

“I’m not,” he says, holding up three fingers. “Scout’s honor.”

“You weren’t even a boy scout. What do you want anyway?”

“I want to know what you’re up to. Mel told me you had her shadowing the accounting department yesterday. Today, she’s going through full onboard training to be your actual assistant. I thought she was just a temp or something?”

“She is, but she’s going to help me solve a problem.”

“Are you back on that conspiracy that someone’s selling our secrets?” He rolls his eyes as if I’m overreacting.

That angers me. “Back? I never actually gave up on the idea. How else do you explain those idiots over at Pain Gain Gang who stole our entire app idea? They have our first at-home fitness machine designs, too.”

“Our design isn’t exactly a model rocket flying to Mars, bro. It’s basic.”

“But it’s mine.” I slam my fist on the desk. Regaining my composure, I run my hand over my hair and down my beard, closing my eyes to breathe out slowly. Anger and tension continue to stay with me like a residue I can’t wash off.

“I get it man. I do. How do you plan to use Maya?”

“It’s Meyers, Denise Meyers, and I’m not using her for that problem.” I know it’s a lie, but I want everyone to be their authentic selves around her. The last thing I need is for Vincent telling everyone she’s here to help me catch a spy. That will certainly ruin the plan and force her to leave, back to her life. A pang of dread floods my chest at the idea of never seeing her again. I definitely don’t like this.

“You okay?” Vincent asks. “Looks like you’re about to cough up a hairball or something.”

“I’m fine.” I adjust my tie and straighten up items around my desk that don’t need straightening. “Miss Meyers is pulling a double degree in accounting. She’s ambitious, and I like how well she adapts to how things work around here. I’m working on a program with her school to get students in here for real world experience, with the possibility of hiring upon graduation.”

“That’s so sweet of you thinking of the kids like that.”

“Yuck. When you say it like that, you make me feel like some dirty old man.”

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