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“Thea.” My voice is a groan out of his throat.

I feel his strength, but he never once protests or fights me.

“Because I am yours,” he says.

I wrap his hand around his hard, trouser-covered cock, and he tries to drop his head back, but I keep it upright so I can see. His pale hand lifts and grips his hair, the tug of pain making him hiss and lift his hips.

Suddenly, like a lead balloon, I feel myself being pulled away, so with my last thought, I lift him and begin walking him towards me. Snapping back into myself, I pant as the power retreats, but it remains inside me.

Not gone like before.

My eyes open and clash with Nathair’s gaze as he stands in the doorway. “I could have fought you,” he says, answering my unvoiced question. “But why would I when it led me right where I wanted to be?”

Swallowing, I drop my hands as he steps into the room, running his eyes hungrily across me. “It took us months, years, to reach our powers, yet it took you mere hours, Althea,” he purrs. “I can taste your power across my skin, but I can also taste your hunger from the exertion of using it. Come to me, let me feed you.”

Tilting my head, I run my eyes down his body and back up to his. “And what if I’m hungry for something more than your blood?” I grin, flashing fang, and he licks his lips. “What if I want your body too?”

“I told you that I am yours, and I meant it. Blood, mind, soul, and body.”

“Is that right?” I step out of the circle and prowl towards him, starving for everything he has to offer. The desire I feel for the man who fed me and is willing to teach and protect me only triples as he leans there, watching me approach. Like a Greek god of old, his power sweeps off him in waves, his hair falling past his shoulders in a silken curtain.

He stands as still as a statue, letting me decide, but I feel his plea in the air.

He wants me to use him, to take him, and make him mine.



When I get close, I fist his black locks, just like I did when I was in his body, and tilt his head to expose his neck for me. He watches me the entire time, his eyes shining brightly with want as his body vibrates with his lust.

“Do you want me to feed from you while I fuck you, Nathair?” I ask, leaning into his warmth.

His gaze tracks me, and his pulse jumps in his throat. “From the moment I laid eyes on you.”

I taste the honesty in his words as he reaches for me, pulling me closer. Leaning in, I trace his fangs with my tongue as he groans, his eyes sliding shut in ecstasy.

“Thea,” he begs. “I need you, please. Please, my queen.”

Hearing the title strikes something deep inside of me, something akin to power. I cup his hard bulge through his trousers. His hips roll, grinding into my grip as I lick and kiss across his face to his neck.

I bite his pulse softly, and he moans, the sound making me grin against his skin as I glide my lips up to his ear.

“Then fuck me,” I hiss before I strike, sinking my fangs into his neck.

He lifts me and spins until my back meets the wall with a loud bang. My hand is still in his hair, tilting his neck for me as I feed. His fingers trail down my body to my shorts and he rips them away, leaving me naked from the waist down. One hand cups my pussy, while the other slides under my big shirt and cups my breast. The warmth from his touch makes me shiver and groan as I suck harder, his blood filling me with power.

His mind slams into mine, mixing his pleasure with my pleasure, until I’m rocking into his hand. I need to come so badly and want to feel him fill me as I feed.

Soon, he promises in my mind as he tweaks and rolls my nipple.

My head falls back, and blood gushes down my chin. He turns his head, his lips seeking mine, and we crash together. He tastes his blood on my lips as his expert fingers twist and pluck my nipples. I moan, holding him to me as I grind and rock into his hand until, with a scream, I come so hard I swear I see stars.

His chuckles vibrate through me as he slides down my body, biting at my shirt and ripping it away until his lips seal around my nipple. “I won’t fuck you hard and fast like some newbie, my queen. No, I’m going to make you come at least five times before you get my cock, and once I’m deep inside of you, I’ll sink my fangs in until every inch of you is taken.”

“Nathair,” I groan as I grip his hair, holding on as he flicks my nipple with his tongue before sucking it into his mouth. Pulling back, he blows over the tight bud, making me shiver, and then he turns and gives the other the same attention. The pull of his mouth and the threat of his fangs makes me cry out, the arc of pleasure going straight from my nipples to my throbbing clit.

“I wonder if I could make you come from this alone.” His fangs press against my skin. “Shall we find out, my queen?”

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