Across Torn Tides

Author: Val E. Lane
Category: Fantasy | Young Adult
Total pages: 86

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Across Torn Tides

Find the pirate lord. Kill the kraken. Bring back Milo. And don’t tell your mom you’re a mermaid.

With Milo stuck in the past, Katrina and Bellamy must join forces to find the pirate lord Bastian Drake who may hold the key to turning back the clock—or at least a clue to the legendary sea goddess who can. But it won’t be easy when Katrina’s mother is slowly discovering her siren side and shows up in Constantine unexpectedly.

Meanwhile, Milo searches the seas relentlessly for a way to return to Katrina in the present as he faces an old enemy along the way. To survive, he must embrace his new life as a successful captain and the pirate he always swore he’d never be.

But as Bellamy questions whether he might’ve been brought back for a greater purpose, old desires and wounds begin to resurface. As he, Katrina, and Milo cross oceans to reunite, legends and lore become reality in a final battle for the fate of both the sea and their hearts.


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