Hellions (Badlands 6)

Author: Natalie Bennett
Category: Erotic | Romance | New Adult | Horror
Series: Badlands
Total pages: 73

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Hellions (Badlands 6)

Maliki + Nyx
Vicious. Chaotic. Gods.

What once was sweet has turned vile.

I covet death.
He thrives in darkness.

Our sacrilegious desires run rampant.
Our maleficent demons demand to be sated.

Mercy finds no refuge in our hearts.
Insanity takes courtship within our minds.

Together, we embark on a path saturated in blood and rotting corpses.

We won’t stop until we find what we’re looking for.
If we must set this world on fire, we’ll do it and dance in the flames.

When this is over, you’ll hear the crows singing our names.

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