Exiled from the Highlands

Author: Miranda Martin
Category: Romance | Paranormal
Total pages: 76

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Exiled from the Highlands

My happily ever after is four hundred years in the past….

On a trip to Scotland, Highland Mists transported me to the past where I met the Highlander, Duncan MacGregor. The man who stole my heart.

The Fae I met there say I have a destiny. Either save or end magic. Save this world or replace it with another. They label me “Destroyer”.

Now I’ve been pulled back to the modern world. The Fae are silent, but all I want is to get back. Back to the Scottish Highlands and the man who holds my heart.

I don’t know if he survives the troubles, I left him in. I don’t know how, but I’m going to find my way. If that means I have to destroy one world to save another. So be it.

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