Betting on Blaze

Author: K.L. Ramsey
Category: Adult | Romance
Total pages: 27

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Betting on Blaze

Blaze Hallman had very few regrets, but what happened between him and his ex, Blair Castella was one of them. He had let her get away—the only woman that he ever loved. Seeing her at their mutual friend’s wedding wasn’t something that he had counted on, and neither was her agreeing to dance with him. But she had. Holding her again only made him want her more and Blaze was sure that his longing for Blair was never going to go away. He just needed to come up with a damn good plan to win her back or the next wedding that he attended might be hers.
Blair still loved Blaze, that wasn’t the problem. She knew that if she gave him her heart again, he’d tear it to shreds and she couldn’t let that happen—not again. So when Blaze asked her to come back to his place with him, she came up with a lie that she’d end up regretting. Blair had no other choice. Telling Blaze that she was involved with someone else was her only option.