Captured by her Daddies (Harem Of Daddies)

Author: Laylah Roberts
Category: Romance | Erotic | Adult
Total pages: 165

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Captured by her Daddies (Harem Of Daddies)

Trapped in a nightmare with no way free . . .

Stuck working for a jerk with a mean streak, Chloe knows there’s no way free.
She’s stuck.
Resigned to her life, at least she gets to visit beautiful places like Escana.
What she never expects is to find four gorgeous, sexy men.
Grumpy and protective Judd. Charming Hux. Mysterious Owen. Possessive Beck.
Too bad her life was already complicated enough . . . because they could have been the answer to her prayers.
But Chloe's life isn't her own . . . and that means those men can never be hers.

However, the men of Beta team might just have other ideas.

This is a why choose romance. It contains four sexy Daddy Dominants and one lucky heroine who doesn’t have to choose.

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