His Lucky Paige

Author: Rosa Mink
Category: Erotic | Romance
Total pages: 82

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His Lucky Paige

Ten years ago, Paige left home, heartbroken that the one man she loved more than life, denied what they were to her father. Losing the baby she was keeping secret from him nearly destroyed her, but she took the tragedy that was her life, and did her best to keep them from touching others. So when a late night call comes, telling her that her father, brother, and the man she left behind are stuck in the mine after a second cave-in, she does the one thing she swore she never again would—go home.

The cave-in turned out to be the easiest problem to solve, the ones in her life, not so much, especially not when she sees Joel for the first time in years. She can’t deny the fire still burns between them, every touch from him makes her want more, want to fall back into the strong arms that once loved her, but she can’t. There are too many things he doesn’t know. That her family doesn’t know. Namely about her platonic engagement that’s helping her hide her new truth—she’ll never have the baby she’s always wanted. She can’t go to Joel broken—not even when it’s the one thing she truly wants most. He’ll resent never having his own child—never being a father to his child the way his wasn’t to him.

Every time she pulls away, Joel takes another step forward. And every time she tries to run, something pulls her straight back, to him, to home. The question now is, can she recuse herself as easily as she’s rescued hundreds of others? Or will her luck finally run out, leaving her alone once and for all?

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