Three Hot Stepbrothers and a Jinxed Girl

Author: Chloe Kent
Category: Romance | Erotic
Total pages: 24

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Three Hot Stepbrothers and a Jinxed Girl

Holly Weaver only had one hot dream about her three otherwise overbearing stepbrothers and has been jinxed ever since.


Okay, maybe it was more than just one dream.

But everything that could go wrong in her life since then has. She lost a job, a car, and a goldfish that very morning. But after a complete mental cleanse, with the help of her lovely life coach, okay, her local fortune teller, Fyre Spirit, she managed to set her house in order again, replete with only pure thoughts about puppies and candy and none about her three stepbrothers in any shape or form.


Now mutual friends of theirs are getting married, cue destination wedding, and they simply won’t accept Holly’s excuse of not being able to make it.


So now Holly has to calculate exactly how many bags of Fyre’s protection crystals she needs to lug around so as not to become jinxed all over again when she sees them again.

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