Out of Her Dreams

Author: Natalie Anderson
Category: Billionaire Romance | Romance
Total pages: 63

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Out of Her Dreams

When and where do you want me?

Cally Sinclair never intended to attend the charity bachelor auction let alone “buy” anyone but her supposed best friend doesn’t just drag her along, she bids for the hottest guy ever on her behalf. Given wallflower Cally had found out her one and only boyfriend had been paid to date her?
Yeah. This was her ultimate nightmare.

Blake McKay fully intended to torture his PA fifty ways for tricking him into stepping onstage at a bachelor auction. His modelling days were far behind him and he’d worked hard to be taken seriously. Plus, he was single and planned on staying that way.
Yeah. This was his ultimate nightmare.

But Blake’s not afraid of a challenge. This cool, judgy woman who so reluctantly bought him ignites his competitive streak. He flips the tables and challenges her instead.
The prize? Her time. And he knows just how he’s going to spend it...
You can’t fake it with me, Cally.

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