Night of Mercy

Author: Jo Grafford
Category: Romance
Total pages: 73

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Night of Mercy

Don’t kiss a friend. No workplace romance. Never date a cowboy. And whatever you do, don’t fall for a guy in a uniform!

Prim Midraven has been following her mother’s dating advice for years. You should be able to trust a professional matchmaker, right? Which doesn’t explain why Prim is still single and lonely.

When her best friend, Deputy Shep Whitaker, organizes a volunteer K-9 search and rescue team at the poverty-stricken reservation where she works, she ignores her mother’s advice (for once) and signs up as his first volunteer. His only volunteer, as it turns out, which is why she can’t simply quit on him after her better judgment kicks in. Sure, he checks every box on the list of things she’s supposed to be avoiding in a relationship, but no biggie. What’s the worst that can happen while working with a guy who's just a friend on a strictly volunteer basis for a few weeks?

Apparently, a few things she never considered — like getting caught in the crosshairs of a dangerous enemy together. Oh, and accidentally falling for her hunky friend in uniform... Double oops!

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