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Remembering the lessons about men and their needs and how women need to satisfy those urges to keep the peace, my cheeks flush, but I don’t break eye contact with him.

“I had lessons,” I remind him. “I can help.”

Chance shakes his head hard. “Everything you’ve been taught about sex is wrong.”

A light frown forms on my forehead. “It is?” I give him a confused look. “What’s it like?”

He lets out a sigh and sits down on the bed, then nods at the mattress for me to join him.

I pick up the blanket, and when I sit down, I cover my legs with it. I stare at the black fabric while I wait for Chance to talk.

He rubs a hand over his face, clearly tired. “You were just taught that you’d have to share your body with the men of the ecocity. That you’d lie still, spread your legs, and let them lie on top of you.”

That sounds right, so I nod.

“Remember the rebels?”

I nod again, then my eyes widen and snap to Chance’s face.

“That’s what sex is like.” He lets out a chuckle. “I can’t believe I have to teach you about sex.” We stare at each other for a moment, then he says, “The man enters the woman, and he fucks her until he spills his seed inside her. It’s actually a pleasurable experience for both parties.”

Holy. Crap.

My mind runs away with me, and I picture Chance and me touching each other like the rebels did. If Chance had to groan like them while pounding into me… Intense heat washes through my body, and my abdomen clenches so hard I have to cross my legs.

There’s friction, and I freeze from the flash of pleasure between my thighs.

Chance doesn’t miss my reaction, lifting an eyebrow, his voice is a rumble of thunder as he asks, “You’re turned on by the rebels?”

“No.” I quickly shake my head and turn my face away. “Not them.”

He takes hold of my chin, and this time his touch sets my skin alight with tingles as he forces me to look at him again. “Tell me,” he demands.

I shake my head, and he seems to realize something because the corner of his mouth lifts. Much to my mortification, he murmurs, “You thought of us.”

My shoulders slump, and when Chance lets out a chuckle, I want to punch him. I get up, but he grabs hold of my hips and yanks me back down. I end up sitting right against him.

“I’m not laughing at you.”

“Could’ve fooled me,” I mutter, refusing to look at him.

“Jai.” Only when I glare at him does he continue, “It was a pleased chuckle.”


It’s on the tip of my tongue to ask why when he explains, “If you’re going to think about sex, think about us until you’re comfortable with the idea.”

“How will I know when I’m comfortable?”

A predatory expression tightens his features. “You’ll beg me to fuck you.”

My jaw drops open at his crass statement. “Wow, don’t hold back on my account.”

He lets out an amused chuckle. “Give me half a chance, and I’ll corrupt you the way I was corrupted.”

My eyebrows dart up. “Who corrupted you?”

“Hell no.” He shakes his head and gestures at the bed. “I’m not having that conversation with you. It’s been a long night. Get in bed, so we can sleep.

Letting out a sigh, I crawl to the side closest to the wall and lie down. I watch as Chance switches the light off, then he comes to lie beside me.

Chapter 25


The raindrops sparkle against the window, and for a while, there’s only the sound of our breathing.

Chance rolls onto his side, and lifting my head, he slips his arm beneath me. He pulls me against him until we’re face to face and the warmth of his body seeps into mine.

“We’ll train hard, but I’ll never hurt you intentionally.”

I nod. “I’ll do my best.”

His eyes drift over my face. “It’s a cruel world out there, and you need to prepare for it. You’re doing much better than I expected. You’re going to be just fine,” he says, and I’m trying hard to listen to his every word, but with his face so close to mine, it’s distracting.

I know things are different here, and everything I learned in the ecocity was a lie. My gaze flicks over every inch of Chance’s face and needing to know, I ask, “You said I belong to you.”


My tongue darts out to wet my lips. “Does that mean the same thing as in the ecocity?” It probably doesn’t, but I had to ask.

When he nods, delighted surprise hits me, making my lips stretch into a smile.

“So, I don’t have to pleasure every single man?” I ask to make sure I understand him right.

“Hell fucking no,” he grumbles. “Bodies will drop if the men try to fuck you.”

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