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As soon as I start to rub the sponge over her body, my cock starts to crave her. It hardens and I make no effort to hide it. Summer must know the effect she has on me by now. I’m pretty sure it’s the same effect I have on her too.

I pay particular attention to Summer’s breasts and then between her legs, neither of which she objects to, although she does gasp and grit her teeth when I rub the sponge over her clit. I’m guessing she’s still tender from last night. Her clit took a good few hot and heavy sessions.

When I finish washing Summer’s body, I reach for my shampoo. I squirt a little bit into my hand and begin to lather up her hair. I wash her hair, bringing the length up onto her head and then I run my nails lightly over her scalp. When I’ve finished, I gently rinse the shampoo out of her hair and then I take a moment to admire her. She really is perfection personified.

When I’ve drunk her in for as long as I can without fucking her, I grab the shampoo bottle again and I wash my own hair. I put my head back into the thick of the spray, close my eyes and rinse the soap away. I grab my shower gel, but Summer takes it from me. I open my eyes and grin at her. She grins back.

She doesn’t bother with the sponge. She spreads the shower gel over her palms and then she slowly, deliciously, rubs her hands all over my arms, my neck, my chest, my sides, my back. She reloads her hands with shower gel and rubs her hands over my ass cheeks and then down my thighs, missing my cock altogether.

She kneels down on the shower floor and washes my calves and then she puts more shower gel on her hands, and she grabs my cock when I’m least expecting it. She moves her hands up and down and all around on it, washing it but also turning me on so much.

When she tires of washing my cock, she rinses her hands off and then she pulls me forward so that I’m standing right in the spray and all of the shower gel slowly washes away. Throughout all of this, she stays on the ground, and I’m about to lean down and help her up but then she grabs my ass cheeks in her hands and I’m glad I didn’t.

She takes my now washed and rinsed cock in her mouth and begins to suck it. The sensation of her sucking me with the warm water massaging my chest and cascading down my body is such an amazing sensation. And what a sight Summer is. Her head bobs back and forth, up and down. I can see my cock going right into her mouth and then coming most of the way back out. The water runs down her hair, down her face, leaving her skin glistening and making me throb with need.

I hold off for as long as I can, enjoying Summer’s mouth on me and then when I know I don’t have long left, I reach down to her and pull her to her feet. We stand for a moment, drinking in the sight of each other as the shower water runs over us both. After a moment, I reach out and turn Summer around. She faces the wall, and she bends down at the waist, pressing her palms against the shower wall.

The spray hits her back and runs down her sides and through the crack of her ass. I move forward, take a hold of her hips and slam into her. I can feel her warm tightness, and as I pull out to fill her again, I feel the tickling sensation of the shower water drumming against my cock. It is both strange and amazing.

Summer cries out as I slam into her and I slow down, moving slowly through her warm, tight pussy. I don’t want to hurt her when I know she is sore from last night. She stops crying out when I move slowly and as an added bonus, the water on my cock brings a whole new sensation to us.

After moving slowly for a few minutes, Summer begins to move faster and when I match her pace she doesn’t cry out. I think she must be getting used to the friction, maybe even learning to like the red raw feeling.

“Faster,” she pants. “I’m ok. Don’t hold back.”

“Summer if I don’t hold back, then I won’t be able to stop myself once I start,” I say.

“Good,” she says.

I take her at her word and tighten my hold on her hips, I slam back into her, and I begin to move in and out of her harder and faster, harder and faster. When she cries out again, it’s accompanied by a clench of her muscles, a squirt of warm juices and I know this time, it isn’t pain making her cry out. I let go myself and let my own climax hit me.

I hold Summer in place as I pump into her and then I cry out her name as I spurt. I release her when we’re both done, and she turns to me and we kiss beneath the shower. Finally, when the water starts to run cold, I reach out and turn off the spray. I slide the door open and step out of the shower and I pick up a clean towel and hold it open. Summer smiles and steps out of the shower. She turns away from me and I wrap the towel around her. I grab another one and wrap it around my waist and then I go to the sink and get my toothbrush and the toothpaste.

I put some toothpaste on my brush and then I realize Summer needs a toothbrush. I open the small cabinet above the sink and find a new toothbrush still in the packet. I hand it to Summer. She smiles and opens it up and holds it out for toothpaste. We brush our teeth and then move back to the bedroom.

“Would you like a robe?” I ask.

“Please,” Summer says.

I hand her a dark blue robe which she instantly puts on and ties. It’s far too big for her but she looks so cute. She takes the towel I wrapped around her and starts to rub her hair with it.

While she dries her hair, I pull on a pair of jogging pants and a t-shirt. When I’m dressed, I smile at Summer.

“Do you want to go out for breakfast?” I ask.

“Actually, if you don’t mind, I would rather stay here so that we can talk,” she says.

“Ok,” I agree. “But I only have toast or cereal.”

“As long as you have coffee, I’m happy,” Summer grins.

I go to the kitchen and put a pot of coffee on, and I put two slices of bread in the toaster. By the time Summer comes out of the bedroom, the coffee is made and poured into two mugs with cream added to both and the toast is cooked, and I have added jam. Summer is dressed and she’s brushed her hair although it’s still wet. All of her makeup is long gone, but she looks just as beautiful without it.

She sits down and takes a drink of her coffee. She makes an appreciative sigh and drinks again. I stay propped up against the counter and I nibble on my toast. Summer starts on hers. When we finish the toast, I take our cups and refill both of our coffees and then I smile at her.

“I’m guessing when you said you wanted to talk, you’re going to say this was a mistake, but I don’t believe that Summer. You see, I don’t make the same mistake twice. And certainly not three times,” I say. “I know you’re worried about your career, but I promise you I’m not going to stand in the way of your career. It’s not the fifties. I’m not about to try and lock you in the kitchen all day. And besides, you work for me. I’m hardly going to choose to distract you, am I?”

“Ok,” she says.

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