Saved (Surrender)

Author: Melody Anne
Category: Romance | Erotic
Total pages: 58

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Saved (Surrender)

In the first book Surrender, we learned Rafe Palazzo’s first marriage ended in divorce because he found his wife in bed with his best friend. Our hearts broke for Rafe until we go through the journey of him finding and marrying Ari where he gets his happily ever after.

There’s always more than one side to any story. Now, it’s time to hear from Sebastian Fisher, Rafe’s old friend. Sometimes the story is so much more than what you’ve been told or see. He wants to tell his story, which he gets to do when Rafe’s Nanna Bee passes, and leaves her will. She knows what happened and she wants to ensure everyone gets their say . . . even in death. Is Sebastian a cheater? Or was he falsely accused. Find out in this epic ending to the Surrender Series.

Come back and visit with Rafe, Ari, Shane, Rachel, and Lia and see where all of your favorite characters are now along with meeting a few new people. You won’t be disappointed.

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