Good Girl (Alphahole Roommates 2)

Author: D.D. Prince
Category: Romance
Series: Alphahole Roommates
Total pages: 169

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Good Girl (Alphahole Roommates 2)

A sexy enemies-to-lovers roommate romance.
You met Austin Carmichael in Alphahole and he seemed like a great guy, right? He is. But when he gets pushed and has to deal with one thing after another, after another… apparently he can get a little testy. And like his brother Aiden, this means he can act like a bit of an alphahole, too.

Austin has to spend some time in New York and finds himself with a new roommate. The circumstances around their first meeting? Instant hate.
Though… with two hot, young, single people living in close proximity, things are bound to be interesting. Especially when Austin finds the stories she’s writing about him on her computer.
He’s completely unprepared for how interesting.

Jada: I’m a nice person. I’m a good girl, I swear. I just met Austin at the worst possible moment. My life has never sucked harder.
He’s got the complete wrong impression about who I am and everything I stand for.
I might be a good girl, but I’ve found a stubborn streak. And he’s been such a jerk to me that I’m determined to rock my job and be 100% professional. If only I could stop myself from writing down my fantasies about the growling, angry, sexy grouch.
And then one day, I come in and find Austin reading something on my laptop.
Best experienced after Alphahole.

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