Lamented Pasts (Timeless Affection)

Author: C.R. Jane
Category: Science Fiction | Romance | Fantasy
Total pages: 56

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Lamented Pasts (Timeless Affection)

Loneliness. That’s all Juliet Caris has ever known. Cursed to pass through time, changing centuries without warning, Juliet has lost everything. A piece of her heart has been lost to the men she has left behind at every stop she has made, and finding herself once again alone, she believes she has no parts of herself left to give. Can a handsome stranger bring her back to life and help her get back what she has lost? Or will Juliet disappear again, this time for good?

Join Juliet in a journey across the centuries, in a love story that defies time. What if you could live forever? Could you love forever?

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