His Stolen Bride

Author: Chloe Kent
Category: Romance | Adult
Total pages: 36

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His Stolen Bride

Finally armed with the name of the man responsible for the attack on Parker Knight’s bride, Everleigh, the Knight brothers are unstoppable in delivering their vengeance.

But when Elliot Knight, the youngest, is called out personally nothing pleases him more than rising to the occasion. He plans to play with his enemy before he takes him out. And what better way than to steal the man’s prized bride right from under his nose.

Vivian Anna Antonelli knows what she must do to ensure her family’s safety. She has to marry a man she despises but nothing will stop her from keeping her family safe. No sacrifice too big. That is until she is caught up in the vengeance plot of the very gorgeous, very infuriating Elliot Knight who steals her away on her wedding day.

For every one attempt Vivian makes to escape Elliot and go back to the man she was supposed to marry, Elliot unleashes his dark and dangerously addictive touch on her.

But Vivian can’t forget she’s nothing but a pawn in his game of vengeance.

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