Gator: One Love

Author: Jessie Cooke
Category: Romance
Total pages: 53

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Gator: One Love

Gator has spent his entire life roaming the murky swamps of Louisiana, his love for the alligators and other creatures of the wild running deep in his veins. The nickname 'Gator' had been bestowed upon him by his Jokers MC brothers, a name that he had grown to wear as a badge of honor.

But all the beasts he had ever encountered paled in comparison to the heart-stopping moment when he locked eyes with Sylvie, the woman from his past. Memories of her flooded his mind, and he felt a rush of emotions that he had buried deep inside himself for years. She had taken care of him when he was a young boy, and he had never forgotten her kindness.

But seeing her again, Gator knew that she was in trouble. Her toxic relationship with her boyfriend from twenty-four years ago had left her a shell of the girl he once knew, and Gator was determined to protect her from harm.

The danger lurking around Sylvie was greater than he ever imagined, and Gator soon found himself entangled in a web of secrets and lies that threatened to unravel everything he held dear. Yet, even as he faced his own mortality, he knew that the swamp would never betray those who respected it.

As fate would have it, someone else from his past emerged, someone who would change his life in ways he never thought possible. Someone who would leave Gator with a future he had only ever dreamed of.