Penalty Shot

Author: Tamrin Banks
Category: Romance
Total pages: 16

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Penalty Shot

Steele Reynolds:

I've got a huge problem and only one person can help me. My best friend, Chastity. Our captain's baby sister. On so many levels she's out of my league and off-limits. But I need a date for a charity dance or the team is going to auction me off for a date. That can't happen. I don't want any woman except the one I've been in love with for years.
I can't have Chastity but I sure don't want to go out with anyone else.
When Chastity agrees to play along, it takes everything I've got to keep my head and heart locked down.
Will our play-acting turn into what I've longed for since I met Chastity?

Chastity LaRoux:
I spend most of my spare time around the biggest, toughest guys in the business. But the toughest of them all is my best friend. He's always taking care of me, surprising me with all kinds of things. A quick trip for my birthday. A basket of flowers that he personally picked out when I broke my arm and had surgery. A signed copy of my favorite romance writer's books just because.
So when he asks for a favor, how can I say no?
But I'm having a hard time remembering that this isn't real. He's my best friend and I can't lose him. Instead, I'm in very serious danger of losing my heart.