Burn (Smoke)

Author: Abbi Glines
Category: Romance | New Adult | Erotic
Total pages: 88

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Burn (Smoke)

From the moment she fell out of the tree in his backyard, ruining his eighth birthday party, Genesis Stoll had been Kye Levine’s best friend. The one person he knew would be there no matter what. She was his escape, his sunshine when the darkness in his world got too deep. When he had her to run to, he knew no matter how twisted his life got, she would remind him who he was. He would never lose himself. She wouldn’t let him.
Genesis had loved Kye most of their life; in a way, she knew Kye didn’t reciprocate. If she ever told him, it would likely destroy their friendship, and she wasn’t willing to take that chance. Besides, Kye would never fall in love and be in a relationship. He was a wild, free spirit.
When an old boyfriend with a past intertwined with both Genesis and Kye walks back into her life, she feels things for him—believing that he could be the man to give her a family, love, and security. All the things she knew Kye never would.
Just as things begin to fall into place for Genesis and the new man in her life, Kye walks in her door with a baby. One he didn’t know existed. One that’s mother had dropped him off like unwanted baggage. A baby boy that belonged to Kye.

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