Mystery of Magic

Author: Tia Didmon
Category: Paranormal | Romance
Total pages: 55

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Mystery of Magic

A forgotten Foe. A desperate witch. A grave mistake.

When an explosion at the Hunter Museum rocks the supernatural world, sending shockwaves far beyond our imagination, Caleb and I begin to experience surges of necromancer power, causing dissension between the hunters and the council.

Demon attacks surge in frequency, while long-buried secrets and forgotten hybrids reemerge from the shadows. Dark magic weaves an ominous tapestry around their activities, shrouding its malevolent practitioner in secrecy and danger. Amidst the chaos and rubble of our world, a sinister betrayal comes to light, shaking the very foundations of trust.

When the search for the traitor sends us to a forgotten prison, will we unearth the darkness that binds us or be consumed by it?

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