Bayou Wedding (Cypress Cove)

Author: Suzanne Jenkins
Category: Romance | New Adult
Total pages: 53

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Bayou Wedding (Cypress Cove)

Justin and Maggie have a love that surpasses all others. All Justin wants is Maggie to be his in wedlock, but she doesn’t care about the piece of paper.

When the vintage Oscar de la Renta wedding gown Justin’s mother wore surfaces from the depths of her long-sealed cedar closet, it comes with exposed buried secrets. But Maggie doesn’t care about bad mojo; she’ll wear the gown on her special day.

Then, just as Justin is feeling most vulnerable, Maggie’s old nemesis, Amber Greely shows up the same night as the gown, and it’s the last straw for Maggie.

Will Maggie wear the beautiful dress when she marries Justin? Or is the engagement over for good this time?

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