Play With Fire

Author: J.J. Grice
Category: Romance
Total pages: 46

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Play With Fire

He’s not a good man, and she’s his boss’s sister. But she makes it so tempting to Play With Fire. Hunter- I shouldn’t want her. I shouldn’t need her the way I do. She’s my boss’s sister, and being with her is a dangerous game. But from the moment I laid eyes on Anya Matterson, I knew there would be no getting her out of my system. When everything in my life starts to become too much to handle, will Anya become my solace or my undoing? Anya- Tall, gorgeous, mysterious. They’re only a few words to describe Hunter. And only a few of the reasons why I’ve been so infatuated with him for months now. When an anonymous threat seems to put my safety in danger, it becomes obvious that Hunter will stop at nothing to protect me. It may not be smart for us to be together, but it only takes one night to become addicted to playing with fire.

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