Sweet Ruin

Author: Ember Davis
Category: Romance | New Adult
Total pages: 28

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Sweet Ruin

I ran as far away as I could, no longer able to be so close to the only man I’ve ever wanted while unable to have him. It wasn’t hard to convince my brother, Declan, to let me leave Boston for college. He’d do anything to keep me away from his world where violence and betrayal is around every corner.

Declan’s world taught me that you never know who you can trust when you’re an Irish Mob princess. But my heart told me I could always trust Conor. He always kept me at arm’s length and that’s why I really needed to get away. I had put it off too long already.

Now the holidays are right around the corner and I’m going home. I’ll see Conor and prove to him I’m not the lovesick puppy who ran away months ago. I don’t need him or the unrequited love that is like glass shards shredding my heart. We’re forbidden and I’ve gotten the message. But what happens when everything changes, and he looks at me like I’m his ruin and his salvation?

Saoirse was always too innocent and pure for my world, one I’ll never escape, and that is why I had to let her go. I didn’t see a way for a woman to stand next to me because I’m used to using my fists and the rage inside of me before any words can be spoken. I came up in the ring and that’s how I met Declan, who gave me a home before he even knew I needed one.

Betraying Declan after he became more of a brother to me than my own blood, who I could never trust, isn’t an option. I stayed away from Saoirse, but I’ve kept an eye on her, even when she ran as far as she could. I’ve watched and I’ve waited, my heart bleeding out with every passing day.

Now she’s back and there’s only one thing I want for Christmas—her love to shine on me and her heart to accept me. Declan has made room at his side for his queen while vowing to protect her. Can I do the same for my princess? Am I strong enough to be worthy of her in Declan’s eyes? Saoirse is my sweet ruin and I welcome her destruction because she’s mine and without her I’m nothing.