Secret Santa on Sunflower Street

Author: Rachel Griffiths
Category: Romance
Total pages: 28

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Secret Santa on Sunflower Street

What happens when three lonely people end up together at Christmas?
Octogenarian Victor Shaw is struggling. He lost his beloved wife, Mavis, earlier in the year and life without her just isn’t the same. He misses her company, her cooking and most of all, being able to hold her in his arms.
Viking Leif Thorsgard has his dog, Magnus, and his business as a tree surgeon, but now and then he feels like something’s missing from his life.
Flora Reid is dedicated to her career in recruitment. She wants nothing more than to work hard and then hide away in her rented house in Wisteria Hollow. Not so long ago, she thought she’d be seeing in the new year with a ring on her finger, but a shocking discovery destroyed that dream. Now single, she’s certainly not ready to mingle. But, when she comes across Victor and Leif one day at the local park, she sees something in them that she’s seen in herself, and finally she feels able to admit that she’s lonely too.
Victor needs some help at home and Leif and Flora are happy to oblige.
Can friends really be the family they choose for themselves this Christmas on Sunflower Street?