Starting Over on Sunflower Street

Author: Rachel Griffiths
Category: Romance
Total pages: 33

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Starting Over on Sunflower Street

After widow Brooke Landry moves to Sunflower Street, she wonders if she’s made a huge mistake. She’s lonely, sad and the new house doesn’t feel like home. She’s just about holding things together for her six-year-old daughter, Allegra.
Clover Radley might be in her eighties but she’s young at heart. She loves her life, her chickens, her pottery shop and her grandson, Nolan.
When Brooke finds herself sobbing on Clover’s doorstep one day, she feels like she’s hit rock bottom, but in Clover she finds a new friend. Clover takes Brooke under her wing and helps her to find her way, guiding her along her healing journey.
Grief takes as long as it takes and Clover knows this well, and as the weeks pass, she’s delighted to see Brooke blossoming like a spring flower.
Sometimes, a fresh start is what’s needed, and for Brooke this is true as she embraces starting over on Sunflower Street.

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