After the Snap

Author: Cadence Keys
Category: Erotic | Romance
Total pages: 69

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After the Snap

I finally get the nerve to tell my best friend I’m in love with him and he has the audacity to ask me to be his fake girlfriend.


I’ve been secretly in love with my best friend, Dom, for years, but after his latest scandal, I can’t do it anymore. I can’t keep letting him take advantage of our friendship…or breaking my heart every time I have to watch him hook up with some model or actress or [insert any woman who’s not me here]. I’m done. But Dom’s stubborn, and when I try to end our friendship, he won’t hear it, until I confess the secret I’ve held onto for dear life.

Instead of responding like I expect him to, he has the nerve to try to convince me to be his fake girlfriend for a PR stunt to clean up his image.



When I come over to my best friend’s house to convince her to be my fake girlfriend, the last thing I expect is for her to tell me she’s in love with me. I may act fast on the football field, but when it comes to my personal life, I’m a guy who needs time to process. But I know one thing with certainty: I can’t lose Laney. When I’m forced to face the feelings I’ve ignored for years, I start seeing all the ways I’ve let her down, and worse, made her feel like she’s not the most important person in my world.

I have six months to convince her to not give up on me.

Six months to show her I’m not going to keep letting her down anymore.

Six months to prove to her I love her as much as she loves me.

Because losing her would be cutting my own heart out, and that’s not an option.

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