Echoes of the Past

Author: Ashley Farley
Category: Romance
Total pages: 95

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Echoes of the Past

After testifying against her husband in a harrowing human trafficking case, Julia Becker is thrust into the secluded world of Witness Protection. Faced with a future in isolation, she manages a daring escape, seeking refuge in a quaint small town in South Carolina's lowcountry. But rather than the serene haven she’d envisioned, Julia stumbles upon a new kind of peril.

Will Darby is his own worst enemy. His anger management issues have gotten into a world of trouble that could land him in prison for life. He’s under investigation for the tragic boating accident that claimed his wife’s life. His in-laws are seeking custody of his two young daughters. And an independent journalist is determined to tarnish his reputation. Amidst the chaos, he befriends an intriguing young woman who’s is grappling with her own shadows. She holds the power to either alleviate his legal troubles or become his damning witness.

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