Enemy Park Ranger Next Door

Author: Giselle Harper
Category: Romance
Total pages: 39

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Enemy Park Ranger Next Door

Growing up, my brother’s best friend was my enemy. . . now I’m sleeping with him.

An off-the-grid wilderness retreat sounded like the perfect way to recharge until my car broke down in the middle of a rain storm. After walking several miles in the mud, a ruggedly handsome Park Ranger rescued me.

The problem?

He was my brother’s best friend and childhood tormentor, Connor Wilson. Somehow, he turned into a ruggedly handsome mountain man with rippling muscles and fierce blue eyes. His bad-boy reputation made him forbidden fruit and I was dying for just a bite.

Mother Nature’s fury forced us together, igniting our sizzling hot chemistry into a steamy encounter. But a deadly poacher lurked in the shadows, threatening our lives.

It was up to Connor to save the day, but the danger was far from gone. What happens when our words collide with my overprotective brother who thinks Connor is no good for me?

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