Author: Cleo Browne
Category: Romance
Total pages: 48

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Tuesday Tombs’ greatest assets are her family and her genius mind. She’s a whirlwind of sass with a thirst for justice. Her latest target? To infiltrate Devil’s Rose MC. But things take a turn when she encounters Rhodie, the MC’s imposing Enforcer. His gruff exterior and soft spot for her throw a confusing wrench in her well-laid plans.

Rhodes ‘Rhodie’ Paxon lives by a simple code: loyalty, strength, and protecting his MC brothers. But when Tuesday, a neurospicy vigilante, bursts into his life, she upends everything he thought he knew about himself and what he wanted from his life.

Joining forces to fight against a shared enemy, Rhodie and Tuesday navigate their blossoming relationship, Russian Mobsters, a blood thirsty grandfather, and a penis loving fish.

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